15 McCoy Street

               PO Box 411
               Savona, New York 14879
Phone:    607-583-2124

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    Water Operator:     Doug Kapral   - Phone #: 607-684-7012

    Assistant Water Operators:     Rick Littell   -  Phone #: 607-438-8497

                                                     Greg BeGell   -  Phone #: 607-438-8493

    Water Account Clerk:    Heather Swarthout    - Phone #: 607-583-2124


    Water Account Clerk's Jobs and Responsibilities:


    Office Management              Secretary to Water Operator         Meter Reading

    Quarterly                            Final Meter Read & Billing             Budget Officer

    Mail                                    Records Management Officer        Phones

    Account Payable                  Accounts Receivable                     Payroll

    Banking                              Quarterly Billing                           Reports

    There is a drop box for payments at the front entrance of the village hall.





    How long do we pay the debt service?  The interest free loan that we received is a thirty (30) year loan.  The loan term is until 2038.  The annual amount due increases each year.  There is an annual audit review done each year.  Therefore, the debt service amount due each month will eventually start increasing to meet this need.


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    Savona AWQR - 2019





    The governing board of the Village of Savona at a board meeting on October 20, 2016 approved that effective 1/1/2017 the water rates are as follows:


                Base Rate:  $26.25 for 5 units of water per EDU

                Overage Rate:  $2.87 per unit

    Capital/Debt Rate:  $21.00 per EDU (effective 1/1/2017)


    One Unit equals 100 cubic feet.




    The governing board of the Village of Savona at a board meeting on May 21, 2009 set the water special fee rates as follows:


    1. Water Meter Installation only                                    $80.00 per installation

    2. Hydrant Water Rates (within Village)                       $50.00 plus $4.00/1,000 gal

    3. Hydrant Damage (usually auto) – parts, material, vehicles, and wages as per current rates

    4. Water Meter Testing

      1. 2” and under                                                   $50.00 plus labor costs

      2. 3” and over                                                     $100.00 plus labor costs

    5. Meter Damage Repair (i.e. damage from freezing, physical abuse, tampering, etc.)

      1. $40.00 repair charge plus $50 reinstallation charge totaling $90.00

    6. Temporary Shut Off of Service Lines (for maintenance/repair of discontinuance of service)                                                                       $30.00 ($15.00 with 2 day notice)

    7. Shut off at street that requires removal of meter      $65.00

    8. Service outside of village limits shall be charged for usage as per the current water rates schedule plus 100% (2 times current rate)

    9. Call outs for service after hours, weekends, holidays, etc.

      1. $100.00 minimum (up to 4 hours/there after, time and a ½ for labor only)

    10. Shut off of water mains to effect private repairs or make private connections

      1. $100.00 minimum during working hours

      2. $200.00 minimum after hours, weekends, holidays, etc.

    11. Discontinuance of service for non payment (or violation of water rules and regulations) during a 12 month period

      1. First Offense               $50.00

      2. Second Offence          $100.00

    12. Service fee to establish a new water service account                        $5.00

    13. Service fee to generate a final water service bill                  $10.00

    14. Pool Fill Up Rates (within Village)               $50.00 plus $4.00/1,000 gal

    15. Pool Fill Up Rates (outside Village)             $100.00 plus $10.00/1,000 gal (updated 8/11/2016) 

      1. Must be within Fire District

        1. To schedule use of the hydrant meter for pool fill ups, you must call the fire department for the request; set up fee is due prior to FD doing the fill up